Limiting COVID-19 in the Workplace

It seems that the coronavirus might not be going away any time soon, and taking safety precautions at work may seem tedious after a few months. Fortunately, LAPFCA is here to lend a helping hand.

A great step to preventing workplace exposures is by identifying job tasks and work areas with high potential exposures. This allows employers to update business operations to maintain a healthy work environment.

Employers can implement the following methods to keep employees safe:

  • Carry out daily temperature checks, sanitize work stations daily, and motivate employees to wear cloth or disposable face masks.
  • Plan an emergency procedure for when an employee shows symptoms at the job site.
  • Immediately isolate sick employees and encourage them to stay home if they show coronavirus symptoms.
  • Ensure sick employees follow CDC recommended steps at home to ensure safety from coronavirus.
  • Abandon possibly infected work stations and sanitize them after 24 hours to prevent another exposure.

To learn more about how you, your employees, and your coworkers can be safe during COVID-19, check out these helpful webinars, videos, and articles.


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